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The Product

Doctor management application.


Project Overview

Docportal is a comprehensive doctor management web application designed to elevate healthcare administration. It simplifies the complexities of medical practice management by offering features for appointment scheduling, patient records, billing, and more. It streamlines the workflow for healthcare professionals, allowing them to focus on patient care.

Docportal has been a game-changer for our clinic. It’s a reliable and efficient solution that has transformed the way we manage our practice.

Dr. Sarah Anderson, Founder of Caregroup


For Business

Docportal empowers medical practices to manage patient records and appointments with ease. Our solution simplifies healthcare administration, enhances patient care, and ensures compliance with medical regulations.

Efficient Patient Record Management

Docportal provides a secure platform for storing, organizing, and accessing patient records. Spend less time on paperwork and more time providing quality care.

Streamlined Appointment Scheduling

Our system streamlines the appointment booking process, reducing patient wait times and improving clinic efficiency.

HIPAA Compliance

We prioritize data security and HIPAA compliance, ensuring that your patient data is safe and your practice operates within regulatory requirements.






Our Approach & Process


Extensive research lies at the heart of our process. We dive into understanding user needs, exploring current market trends, and aligning them with your business goals. This research phase provides us with the essential insights needed to build a strong foundation for the project.


Our analytical phase goes beyond surface-level assessment. We delve deeply into problem analysis and user profiling. By identifying specific user pain points and understanding their needs, we gain a precise insight into crafting the perfect solution for your end customers.


Once we’ve gathered comprehensive research, we embark on the wireframing stage. This involves creating a detailed blueprint for the interface. We define the information structure, meticulously map out user interactions, and provide visual representations of the design elements.


Leveraging insights derived from our user experience and audience research, we move into the design phase. Here, we prioritize creating a user-friendly interface, focusing on intuitive organization and placement of interface elements. Our goal is to ensure the final design meets and exceeds user expectations.


The prototyping stage is where we bring concepts to life. We carefully implement core functionalities to provide a tangible experience of the system’s operation. This process allows us to analyze how the different elements work together and create effective user experience.


Visual Style Guide


We handcrafted each and every component of the system to make a full-featured design system to ensure scalability, flexibility, and consistency of the platform


Color is essential to good interface design and should be very carefully considered. It goes without saying that brand recognition and color go hand-in-hand and the color choices you make can impact how potential customers view your business.

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