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Technical and
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If you need a partner with strong creative, technical and problem-solving skills, you’ve come to the right place. Web design and web development for short-term or full-time jobs.

We are Webflow partner, and we are here to help you with your next project. Browse our works and based on what you need and get in touch to start a talk.

Let’s use our tried and tested workflow to create a website from scratch. We start with low and medium fidelity designs in Figma. Next, we build our website complete with animations and interactions in Webflow. Finally, we connect it all to a custom domain.

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Need responsive design? We will handle it.

Recent work

Favorite Projects and
Impact on Business

SIMA Mobile App

SMA is teamwork app that takes place anytime, anywhere. Monitor and manage all aspects of your team’s work in real time from the convenience of your favorite device.

SET Management Information App

SIMA is suitable for all companies and can be used by everyone in the company, from management through accounting to employees with the least privileges.

Mikroe Ecommerce

Ecommerce application for development tools dedicated to standardization and saving time in the embedded industry.


Clean Design and Fast Development

We all work towards a common goal. This has allowed our product teams to deliver new products faster and feel more confident in their decisions. Create 3x more pages with Webflow’s intuitive CMS and give your engineers a break.

Identity Design

Identity design essentially sets the tone of your brand, and it can be used to evoke specific feelings in your audience.

Design Systems

Only source of truth that groups all the elements that will enable teams to design, implement and develop a product.

Fast Development

Meet tight deadlines with an easy-to-use set of tools. Letting front-end developers focus on faster production.

Powerful CMS Development

Extremely flexible and powerful tool that combines the visual design controls, inherent to Webflow, with the flexibility of a CMS.


Convenient Design and Development

How to Get Your Own

  • Maximize Usability.
  • Shift the Focus onto the Content.
  • Don’t Be Afraid of White Space.
  • Ensure Everything has a Purpose.
  • A Three-Color Limit.
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Different Fonts.
  • Minimalize Applies to Your Images.
  • Focus on Intuitive Navigation.

“Webflow takes the painful parts of web development out of the equation, letting front-end developers focus on bringing designs to production faster.”

Milos Srekovic

CEO – SET plus plus

“The usability rate of the UX/UI business management met expectations, thanks to Stamenic’s user-friendly design.”

Nebojsa Matic

CEO – MikroElektronika

“Stamenic contributed a truly reliable and fast solution for my e-commerce on mobile and web. Consistently meets the requirements.”


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